Our Dream

Traveling has always been one of the most gratifying experiences in our lives. It has filled us with unforgettable images and memories of landscapes and cultures that will forever be in our hearts even with the passage of time as well as in our photographs and the beautiful textiles that we always have looked for in our journeys. In Antigua Guatemala we have found the place we have always dreamed of with its Spanish roots, like us, and which maintains its rich ancient history combined with the modern world through its traditional textiles. The culture of Guatemalan textiles exists in the blood and memories of artisans and people who have dedicated their lives to maintaining this intricate and culturally-rich art. We can’t thank enough those who have come along with us on this journey that is our life.

Social Impact

Guatemala is a country with a multitude of tiny rural communities dispersed throughout where a woman finds herself spending most of her day on chores and work to keep a household in which there are very few resources and opportunities for a sustainable living wage. La Casa del Algodón (House of Cotton) collaborates on community development projects that directly affect the lives of women in rural communities with the help of the Guatemalan Ministry of Development (MIDES). We travel with government officials to rural communities to find women to create the designs that you can find in our store. In each community, we support the development families by connecting them with the materials and connections they need to develop the textiles they know how to create so well. In exchange for their work, we provide them with the cotton they need as well as a fair wage for their work. In this way, we help provide women with a sustainable living wage that can help supplement the income earned by their husbands, contributing to the overall empowerment of women and the development of their households.

The Team


Founder and General Manager

“Guatemala surprises us in every moment with its richness of culture and diversity, the blend of the Mayan and colonial past. Its artisanal textiles reflect this crossing of cultures that manifests itself as much as in the creations of modern day designers as well as in the Mayan artisans in their rural communities.”


Sales Manager

“No other place in Guatemala reflects its own history more through its textiles. These pieces of art and cultural history show the diversity and plethora of ancestral symbols that even today we can see in the traditional dress of Mayan people.


Sales and Customer Service

“La Casa del Algodón (House of Cotton) is a unique space in Antigua, where we are able to show the culture of textiles, designed and made by hand by actual Guatemalan designers.”


Store Assistant

“In every corner of La Casa del Algodón (House of Cotton) you can find unique, high-quality, and modern textiles that can’t be found anywhere else in Antigua.”