We bring together the cultural traditions of artisanal textiles with innovative, modern designers in order to offer a product that mixes traditional textile patterns with high quality designs and raw materials.

The Legacy of a Culture

Meaning “Pro-Weavers”, this company is the fruit of the labor or 5 women that have more than 20 years of experience in preserving the textile history of Guatemala. Proteje has over 300 women weavers from 14 different regions in Guatemala that continue to conserve the beauty that is the authentic artisanal Mayan textile with the highest of quality cottons.

Communicating to the world the Language of the Symbols

PROTEJE has maintained direct communication with the weavers of the different Communities of Guatemala for more than 25 years and has trained them to achieve the best standards of quality in their fabrics, in respecting the ancestral textile symbols with their meaning that has been known for generations in using the best quality cotton in their products.

This book tells the history of Guatemalan textiles.

We love to offer to the world this Book of Mayan Threads of Guatemala that shows 88 textile symbols with their meaning. The Communities of Guatemala best known for their tissues are 11, and the 88 symbols are distributed among the 11 Communities.

Natural Art Textile from Guatemala

Natural Art is part of a collective of businesses that support the work of rural community in Guatemala. All of the work for the products you see as part of the collection is done by the Community of Artisans located in Chimaltenango, Totonicapán, Quetzaltenango, and Zacapa regions. All of the products bring together the best quality of raw materials, design, authenticity, and combine them with the enchantment and mystery of the hidden secrets of the heritage of mayan art. These are perfect for creating an natural ambience in your home.

The combination of textures, ... cotton with wool, wool with maguey, cotton with pita, ..., results in a unique and unparalleled product perfect for decorating fresh, natural, elegant, sophisticated environments.

We have chosen NATURAL ART to be part of LA CASA DEL ALGODÓN for its firm involvement with the continuity of the textile culture of Guatemala, the craftsmen maintain the ancestral weaving techniques with the innovation of the most modern designs and the result is magnificent.

Textile Culture of Guatemala

Our brand directly contributes to the conservation of the culture of textiles and weaving in Guatemala through the community of weavers that we help to employ. We have selected the most authentic of the textile patterns and colors from communities with the longest weaving traditions in Guatemala. Their creativity helps transport us to a world where nature and seasons mark the passage of time; where each color and symbol used helps to paint a picture that has existed in the same way for thousands of years.