Visit us in our store in Antigua and live the experience of getting to know the significance behind each and every Mayan symbol and how every symbol is used in Mayan culture. Below, we have a few samples of some commonly used symbols from the designers of our textiles.

The Serpent: “Protection”

In San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, the Serpent represents the protection of human beings and serves as a guide on the road that we walk in life. The Serpent plays a very important role in Mayan Culture.

The Tree of Life: “2 People, 1 Life”

In San Pedro Sacatepequez, Guatemala this beautiful symbol represents the life of man: birth, growth, reproduction, and death as a union between two people that become one in the form of a branched tree. The fruits of this tree symbolize fertility and children.

The Lion of Wealth: “Good Luck"

From Nahualá, Sololá, this animal is seen as the ruler of the forest and represents a symbol of strength, power, and richness of life in nahual, one of the Mayan dialects. These characteristics of the Lion are also linked to good luck that manifests itself in different ways throughout our lives.

The Butterfly: “Freedom”

In Tactic, Alta Verapaz, the Butterfly represents freedom that an artist has when viewing a spool of thread before the weaving process begins and the pattern of the cloth unfolds. The same goes for life; while we might have our plans in how we want to shape our life, the path of life is free to take us wherever it wants like the Butterfly flying in the wind from flower to flower.